Frequently Asked Questions

Are you authorized to work in the United States? Yes.

How many years of Go programming experience do you have?

tl, dr; I’ve been writing Go since 2014.

Very little of that time has been spent writing proprietary software. My first couple Go programs were not the typical first couple:

Later in 2015 I wrote the BSD BPF module for Google’s gopacket as you can see here:

What are you looking for?

I want to build distributed and decentralized systems in Go and/or Rust with a team of badass engineers and I’m fine if I have to be the leader or the one doing most of the hard work.

I am looking for a senior software developer role and software architect role. In other words, I’d like to do the research, design and modeling work before writing the implementations. Ideally design and implementations stages of creation would be collaborative, creative, structured, unstructured, systematic, contemplative, productive etc.

I’d like to be a part of a team which does these things: