About Me

I am an independent security researcher, public speaker (see https://sphinx.rs/publicspeaking/) and software developer. I started my career as a network tools developer and operations engineer. I worked for Internet service providers and software companies, automating systems and network operations. Shortly after the Edward Snowden document leaks I transitioned my career into a security specialist role. I was keenly interested in computer security, especially network forensics, cryptography, and anonymous communication networks. I took on many research and software development projects in my free time in order to further my expertise such as Honeybadger a software project I started in 2014 considered to be the most sophisticated analyzer for detecting TCP injection attacks.

Starting in 2017 I worked on the European Commission funded grant project known as the Horizon 2020 Panoramix Project. During this time I collaborated with some of the top European academic researchers to design and implement the Katzenpost mix network, a message oriented anonymous communication network. While working on Katzenpost I enjoyed giving many public talks at security and privacy conferences around Europe to explain mix networks and anonymous communication.

The work presented in this portfolio has everything to do with my personal interests and basically nothing to do with the proprietary software I’ve written for commercial companies. Please see my résumé for more about my work history.