About Me

My mission is to help people to communicate more freely by working on privacy enhancing technology projects. In particular I work on two different anonymous communication projects.

I’m a software developer, security researcher and public speaker. In the past I’ve written software tools useful for active and passive network forensics operations, they are all open source and mentioned in my projects, for example back in 2014 I wrote a tool I named Honeybadger after the original honeybadger meme video, which detects TCP injection attacks. I wrote this tool because I was inspired by the Edward Snowden document leaks.

Since then my focus has been on cryptographic protocols and anonymous communication networks. After working on a number of Tor related research and software development projects, in 2017 I started work on the European Commission funded grant project known as the Horizon 2020 Panoramix Project (Privacy and Accountability in Networks via Optimized Randomized Mix-nets). During this time I collaborated with some of the top European academic researchers to design and implement the Katzenpost mix network, a message oriented anonymous communication network. While working on Katzenpost I enjoyed giving many public talks at security and privacy conferences around Europe to explain mix networks and anonymous communication.